Black and ethnic minority groups in Devon and Cornwall

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  • Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council

    Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council

    Black and Minority Ethnic groups
    Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council work with Black and Minority Ethnic individuals and communities from a wide range of backgrounds; this includes Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Eastern Europeans and Gypsy and Travellers. We support individuals and families across a wide range of ages.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01752224555

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    Support for children and young people who have experienced abuse.
    CLEAR is a unique child centred therapeutic service in Cornwall that works with Children and Young People (CYP), between 0 - 18 years of age who have been traumatised by either direct experience or witnessing sexual, psychological or emotionally abusive relationships. Young people from black and ethnic minority groups are particularly vulnerable and may be subject to attempts to sexually exploit them. We provide individual therapeutic interventions using counsellors who have undertaken specialist training to work with children and young people. The interventions are tailored to the needs of the individual by offering several types of intervention including; sand tray work, play, narrative, music, art psychoanalytical and drama therapies, EMDR and Diadactic Psychotherapy (attachment work).

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01872 540 366

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  • Hikmat Devon CIC

    Hikmat Devon CIC

    Activity Groups for Black & Minority Ethnic Community
    Hikmat Devon, is a user-led co-operative supporting black and ethnic minority (bme) communities across Devon, working to promote integration, reduce isolation, whilst improving health and well-being outcomes. This is done through activity and interest groups, 1-1 mentoring, training, signposting, and person centred goal planning.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01392 284263

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  • The Zone

    The Zone

    Support for young people
    We offer free and confidential support on a one to one basis to young people aged 13 - 25. Our drop in is open Monday to Friday between 12pm - 5pm. There's no need to make an appointment.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01752 206626

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  • Stop Hate UK

    Stop Hate UK

    Racially motivated Hate Crime and Discrimination
    Service users will be able to talk to trained Helpline Operators who can have a conversation about the issues they are facing to identify help and support that may help them cope and recover from the issues they are facing

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 0800 138 1625

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  • Safer Stronger Consortium

    Safer Stronger Consortium

    Would you like support from people who understand your minority status issues?
    In Cornwall SSC has a number of members who offer specific help to the black, ethnic minority issues to help you cope and recover from the effects of crime these include; CASS, White Gold, Victim Support, Pentreath, Wild and Konnect Cornwall. You can identify them by the Safer Stronger Logo. To be referred to them please contact the SSC Coordinator.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 07949 455 443

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  • North Devon Sunrise

    North Devon Sunrise

    Are you from a Minority Ethnic Group, an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant worker living in North Devon or Torridge?
    North Devon Sunrise can provide free, confidential support, information, advocacy and support accessing local services. We run two English classes (ESOL) each week and organise training sessions to help build an individual's confidence and skills. There are opportunities for people who feel socially isolated to come and meet new people in a friendly and relaxed environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities and organise local events to promote diversity and community integegration.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01271 328915

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  • BF Adventure

    BF Adventure

    All different, all equal
    Everyone is welcome at BF Adventure and we will do our best to make sure that everyone has a rewarding experience and that the service we offer meets your needs. We work with individuals, groups and families and we can provide additional, experienced, support for those with physical and learning disabilities through the includer network. Our activities are fully accessible and our staff team are skilled in enabling everyone to get the most out of the activities and in inspiring achievement.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01326 340912

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  • Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Minority group motivation!
    Konnect provides understanding, reassurance and continued practical support to victims of crime. By fully assessing / risk managing situations using experienced and caring staff from professional backgrounds, we look to provide the best support available to all victims, whoever they may be, as everyone is entitled to and will be provided with the same high level of service. Giving regard to each circumstance, we will 'Konnect' with other appropriate and bespoke existing services if required.

    Call: 01736 339277

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  • RJ Working   Healing the Harm

    RJ Working Healing the Harm

    Facilitating safe and supported communications
    RJ Working is committed to making restorative practices available for any member of the community

    Call: 07969 201334

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  • Ubuntu Counselling Services

    Ubuntu Counselling Services

    Are you looking for support?
    At Ubuntu, we recognise that people are all different and may need different counselling approaches. We use a Humanistic Integrative approach, combining a number of counselling methods. Where we think that another service may be better placed to help a client with their needs, we will work to support clients to access that service. Where there may be cultural issues that get in the way, we will work with the client and the service concerned to try to overcome these.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01392 201572

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  • Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC

    Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC

    Welcome to S.A.N.D

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 07763617693

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