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  • St Loye's Foundation

    St Loye's Foundation

    Employment Training
    St Loye’s helps people with no previous training or qualifications overcome barriers and concerns about getting into work. We understand the problems that disability and long-term ill health can bring and we have experienced staff to support and encourage you to prepare for a job – every step of the way. What’s more, through our person centred approach we treat every individual as unique and offer guidance to all. Building upon your stengths and work ambitions whilst focussing on jobs right from the start, we offer individually tailored training, development, support and nationwide employment opportunity programmes so that you can achieve your goals.

    Call: 01392 255428

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  • Living Options Devon

    Living Options Devon

    Countryside Mobility SouthWest
    Our Countryside Mobility scheme provides safe, enjoyable and easy access to the South West's countryside and visitor attractions for anyone who has difficulty walking, through an off road mobility scooter hire scheme. Our all terrain mobility scooter hire is available at a wide range of wheelchair accessible outdoor visitor attractions and our wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats provide access for all to inland lakes and waterways. Visit for more details.

    Sensory Disabilty
    See Hear Centre (Barnstaple) Equipment, information and support service for people with sensory loss, providing the chance to see equipment demonstrations, ‘try before you buy’ and computer and mobile phone training. The Centre also takes its service to rural villages across North Devon through it’s ‘See Hear on Wheels’ bus Positive Devon Living Our free magazine written by disabled people and available in various formats including large print, audio and British Sign Language.

    Devon Disability Network
    The DDN supports people with Sensory and / or Physical Disabilities and Deaf people (using BSL) to be involved in developing services that they use. The DDN: Campaigns on issues that are important to those people and groups in the network; Raises issues with the appropriate authorities on behalf of disabled and Deaf residents and feeds back responses; Supports people who are housebound using social media, the internet and teleconferencing

    Haven Advocacy provides a service to support people with a physical and / or sensory impairment to access health and social care services that they need. Trained advocates empower people to have a voice; working alongside them to go to meetings, know their rights and make informed choices.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01392 459222 or SMS: 07958 517919

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  • Headway Devon

    Headway Devon

    Brain injury and physical disabiltiy
    Brain injury can leave people facing a range of complex difficulties, including physical, learning and emotional disabilities. Headway Devon is able to support people to overcome these disabiltiies, access opportunities, and go on to get the most out of their new lives.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01392 211822

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  • The Zone

    The Zone

    Support for young people
    We offer free and confidential support on a one to one basis to young people aged 13 - 25. Our drop in is open Monday to Friday between 12pm - 5pm. There's no need to make an appointment.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01752 206626

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  • The Zito Partnership

    The Zito Partnership

    Physical disability groups: Psychological, Practical and Logistical support
    The Zito Partnership will provide information and advice to enable people to cope and recover from their experience. In practice, this work involves responding to requests for help and information on a wide range of matters. Predominantly this means the process that families and others are exposed to in the case of homicide, suicide, violent crime, and severe harm.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 07518 146034

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  • Stop Hate UK

    Stop Hate UK

    Disability Hate Crime
    Service users will be able to talk to trained Helpline Operators who can have a conversation about the issues they are facing to identify help and support that may help them cope and recover from the issues they are facing

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 0800 138 1625

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  • Safer Stronger Consortium

    Safer Stronger Consortium

    Do you need support with your physical disability?
    In Cornwall SSC has a number of members who offer help and support to people with physical difficulties to help cope and recover from the effects of crime these include; CASS, BF Adventure, White Gold, and Konnect Cornwall. You can identify them by the Safer Stronger Logo. To be referred to them please contact the SSC Coordinator

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 07949 455 443

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  • The Children's Society

    The Children's Society

    Disabled Children
    Exclusion, ignorance and disrespect mean that many disabled children are allowed little control over their own lives. The Children's Society is working to ensure that all disabled children – including those who communicate without speech – have someone to listen to their needs, understand them, speak up on their behalf and ensure they are heard.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 0300 303 7000

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  • BF Adventure

    BF Adventure

    Support for people who have a physical disability and their families
    Everyone is welcome at BF Adventure and we will do our best to make sure that everyone has a rewarding experience and that the service we offer meets your needs. We work with individuals, groups and families and we can provide additional, experienced, support for those with physical and learning disabilities through the includer network. Our activities are fully accessible and our staff team are skilled in enabling everyone to get the most out of the activities and in inspiring achievement.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01326 340912

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  • Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Physically disabled?
    Motivational coaching and support can provide the belief in anyone that they have the ability to succeed, if they have the will. Modern society provides legal support for those with disabilities to be treated with equal value and there is little that cannot be achieved with commitment and belief. At Konnect we look to encourage that belief and fight for the right of individuals to have choice, irrespective of any disabilities.

    Call: 01736 339277

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  • RJ Working   Healing the Harm

    RJ Working Healing the Harm

    Facilitating safe and supported communications
    RJ Working is committed to making restorative practices available for any member of the community

    Call: 07969 201334

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