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  • Addaction


    Drink and drug use in rural areas
    Addaction and RISE understand how rural areas can be affected by subtance misuse issues We offer a free, confidential and non-judgmental service, open to all those who feel their alcohol/drug use is becoming a problem. Our service doesn’t just address drug and alcohol use, but offers education, training, employment and volunteering opportunities, peer support and support for family and friends. Visit or call 08451 302605

    Call: 08451 302605

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  • Young Devon

    Young Devon

    We have points of contact in rural areas to support Young People who have been victims of crime.
    Young Devon is an experienced and skilled organisation who is committed and experienced in providing support, information and advice on a wide range of subjects and issues to young people. Our primary objective is to enhance lives and promote opportunity for those least likely to have their voices heard. Our commitment to reaching rural communities encapsulates that.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 08082 810155

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  • Victim Support

    Victim Support

    Rural crime
    Victim Support is here to help anyone affected by crime, not only victims , but their friends, family and any other people involved. Because we’re an independent charity, you can talk to us whether or not you reported the crime to the police. If you want, we can support you without the involvement of the criminal justice system, and we won’t contact them about you unless we feel someone is at risk. We are here just to support you. Our specially trained team can offer you a visit.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 0300 303 0554

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  • Citizens Advice Devon

    Citizens Advice Devon

    Rural outreach
    We offer drop-in services at various rural locations around Devon. See the "find your local bureau" search at for times and locations.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 03444 111 444

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  • Safer Stronger Consortium

    Safer Stronger Consortium

    Do you live in a rural area and need support to cope and recover from a crime?
    In Cornwall, Safer Stronger Consortium has a number of members that work to support victims coping with the effects of crime who are living in a rural area. These include; WRSAC, CASSPLUS, White Gold Cornwall, BF Adventure, the Dracaena Centre, Konnect Cornwall, Equus, Victim Support, Remembering Our Roots and Zito Partnership. You can identify members by the Safer Stronger Logo. To be referred to any of our partners' services, please contact the SSC Coordinator.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 07949 455 443

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  • North Devon Sunrise

    North Devon Sunrise

    Rural Crime - Are you from a Minority Ethnic Group, an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant worker living in North Devon or Torridge?
    If you have been experienced rural crime we can provide free support in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. We can provide this support even if the crime has not been reported to the police.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01271 328915

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  • BF Adventure

    BF Adventure

    Support for those who have experienced rural crime
    Our team of instructors are skilled in supporting people to develop strategies to overcome traumatic experiences and to improve their confidence and self-esteem. Using outdoor activities as a tool, and working at your pace, our friendly and professional instructors listen to your needs and respond accordingly. People need different support at different times; from one to one work, joining a group with others in a similar situation or as a family day out BF can tailor your time to meet your needs. The team is skilled in recognising when you might need a bit more specialist support and we will work with you to help you find the right organisation for you.

    Victim Care Devon and Cornwall accredited member

    Call: 01326 340912

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  • Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Konnect Cornwall CIC

    Are you a victim of rural crime?
    Konnect provides understanding, reassurance and continued practical support to victims of crime. This includes offences classed as rural crime where other support may not be obvious. We have knowledge and experience of this type of crime and can help you work through the practical options in dealing with the effects and in how to prevent re-occurrences. Our team will also ‘Konnect’ victims to other existing and bespoke provisions if required.

    Call: 01736 339277

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  • Remembering Our Roots CIC

    Remembering Our Roots CIC

    1 to 1 Bushcraft, Survival Skills & Mentoring
    We provide opportunities for victims of crime to spend time reconnecting to nature, reflecting & coming to terms with their experiences and learning tools to help them to move forwards positively, joyfully and confidently with their lives. Depending on the individual, we will recommend which of our team could be most appropriate for you. Between us we have qualifications & experience in Counselling, Eco-Therapy, Bushcraft & Survival, Mythological Storytelling & Life-Coaching.

    Call: 07854 102646

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