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North Devon Against Domestic Abuse

ANYONE can experience domestic abuse - it can occur regardless of ethnicity, religion, class, gender, age, sexuality, disability or lifestyle. It can also occur in a range of intimate relationships.

We provide temporary refuge to women and children who have suffered Domestic Abuse and also to offer support and aftercare to any woman who has left Refuge.

We encourage service users to determine their own futures and to help them achieve this, whether this involves returning home or starting a new life elsewhere.

NDADA recognises and cares for the emotional and educational needs of the children involved
and offer support, advice and help to any service user who asks for it.

We educate and inform the public, the media, Police, Courts, Social services and other partners and organisations with respect to Domestic abuse.

We are very focused in supporting the family in a more holistic approach Keeping families safe and relationships healthy.


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  1. Harassment and stalking are two of the ways you can be affected by the perpetrator of domestic violence/abuse. We can support you with information to keep yourself safe from this type of abuse. Harassment and stalking often happen as part of a wider range of abuse by the perpetrator rather than on their own in a domestic violence/abuse situation.

  2. Assault is a crime, it doesn't make any difference if the perpetrator is or has been in an intimate relationship with you. We might be able to help you decide what to do next.

  3. People suffering from domestic abuse often find that the perpetrator of that abuse includes damage to your property as part of their abusive behaviour. We might be able to help you decide if you are suffering from domestic abuse.

  4. Perpetrators of domestic abuse have many ways of displaying abusive behaviour and this often includes sexual abuse. If it is difficult for you to decide if you are in an abusive relationship we might be able to help you decide what to do next.

  5. We run the only refuge in the DCC area. There are many ways to make yourself safe from an abusive relationship but sometimes escape to a refuge is the only option. We can help you and your children if you have any make safety plans and access legal help as well as provide therapeutic support to help you and your family cope and recover from your ordeals giving you the best chance of a safer happier future.

  6. We offer refuge to women and children who are escaping domestic violence/abuse. If you need to access this type of help it will not only offer you safe temporary accommodation (if there are vacancies) but also the opportunity for therapeutic support to help you and your children if you have any to cope and recover from your ordeal giving you the best chance of a safer happier future.

  7. Our IDVA service can help you through the court process if you have been affected by domestic violence/abuse. Acting as your voice in the process if you don't feel up to it and empowering you to see the process through.

  8. We have Independent Domestic Violence Advisors IDVAs who can suppport you with the process through the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference and or the court process. The IDVA represents you and will be your voice at these meetings.

  9. Domestic violence and or abuse can affect anyone. Sometimes it's difficult to know or accept that you are in an abusive relationship. We might be able to help you with advice about what to do next

Victim Care

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