PATH (Plymouth Access to Housing)

Path provides a range of pre- and post- tenancy specialist housing services for people who are homeless or who have housing related needs. Our provision includes:

âÂÂ?¢Support for Rough Sleepers to move off the streets.
âÂÂ?¢Housing Advice and Assessment for offenders / or people using local drug treatment and mental health services
âÂÂ?¢A Renting Support Service for people who do not have the funds to access the private rented sector
âÂÂ?¢A Tenancy Support service providing housing support to enable people to remain in their home

Details of current services are below, most being provided within Plymouth but some in other parts of Devon.

Work with Rough Sleepers
We monitor, support and motivate people who are sleeping rough in Plymouth and in Teignbridge to move off the street. We visit known rough sleeper sights, providing support and advice, and work with partners to meet the needs of clients on and off the street. This also includes work with BCHA in Plymouth to help people to move into and on from the George House hostel and Devonport Lifehouse.

Housing Information, Sign-posting and Support (HISS) Service
Working with BCHA and Broadreach, we provide housing information and support to people who are single and homeless, including people with specific needs and histories, people who:
- have gone through the criminal justice (CJ) system
- are using mental health services
- have drugs and / or alcohol needs

The service includes drop-in sessions (Monday and Wednesday 9.30am - 12.30pm) at the Harwell Centre and support for people in the community and in their homes.

Renting Support Service
Renting Support receives referrals from Housing Advice/Options teams of people wanting their own private rented tenancies. The team provides advice and support, potentially including a Deposit Guarantee. The client is encouraged to find a sustainable tenancy, which the team, with the landlord and client, will help set up and then monitor and support. This service is provided in Plymouth, Exeter and Teignbridge, working with the local authority Housing Depts.

Teignbridge Hardship Support
As part of welfare reform, the discretionary element of the Social Fund has ended. Teignbridge Council has funded this service to provide advice and support to people of the district to:
- meet short-term needs in the event of an emergency or crisis.
- ensure that people have access to information and advice

Refugee Housing Support Service
Working with START, we provide housing advice and support to refugees, especially but not only those who have recently gained refugee status and are beginning that stage of integration.

As with other services (above), we work to help people find, set up and maintain tenancies, supporting clients in their own homes, especially on practical tasks such as finances and budgeting, tenancy responsibilities and access to other services.


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Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

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