Pluss is a Social Enterprise that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages into employment each year. We do this through a range of specialist, local employment services and through direct employment within our own Social Enterprises.

We passionately believe that our services should always include those furthest from the labour market and offer specialist employment support to people with a learning disability, mental health issues, physical disabilities and long term health issues.

We also believe that people with disabilities make excellent employees and are committed to directly employing disabled people; around half of our 500 strong workforce has a disability.

Pluss operates throughout South West England and West Yorkshire, with partner Social Enterprises across the UK. We currently develop , deliver and manage a range of innovative employability programmes on behalf of DWP (Work Choice prime contractor), a number of local authorities, NHS, European Social Fund* and the Skills Funding Agency.

We are seeking to develop new partnerships for the delivery of services for disadvantaged groups with multiple or complex barriers across the country. If you are a voluntary, community or commercial organisation working with any of these groups we would like to talk with you.

Pluss is owned by Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Somerset Council and Torbay Council.

The European Social Fund in England is investing in jobs and skills – focusing on people who need support the most and helping them fulfil their potential.


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Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

Online: click here