Rethink Mental Illness

Cornwall Community Services offers support to people with a mental illness in Cornwall. We work with people to identify their aims and objectives and to create individual action plans to achieve this.
Our service offers one-to-one support both in the community and within our centre as well as providing a timetable of supported and peer support groups in various locations.

Rethink Mental Illness, the leading national mental health membership charity, works to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recovery to a better quality of life. we provide hope and empowerment through effective services and support to all those who need us, and campaign for change through greater awareness and understanding.
We have a network of thousands of members who feel part of a movement to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness.To join go to
Our research gives new perspectives on mental illness and improves the evidence base.

Rethink can help you with:

Education: we offer courses with Cornwall College such as Art & Design and conservation

Social networks: meeting new people and building valuable friendships through our groups and Cafe Chats held in various locations.

One-to-one support: everyone using Cornwall Community Services develops an individual recovery plan based on personal goals and outcomes.

Involvement: opportunities for people who use our mental health service to influence the way it is planned, delivered and monitored locally.

In addition to the above, locally we provide:

Cornwall Learning Centre: recovery focused individual learning plans aimed at making the most of poples talents and skills.

Peer Support: we have an ongoing programme of support groups that offer people a safe space in which to talk to others and share experiences.

Groups: we run groups in various venues across Cornwall, led by a member of staff and which investigate ways of coping with mental illness such as anxiety, OCD, hearing voices,depression etc.

Confidentiality: we believe in respecting and maintaining confidentiality. We will not share personal information unless we have permission or we have a duty of care.

Our Mission Statement is:

'Leading the way to a better quality of life for everyone affected by severe mental illness'


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Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

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