Sometimes we all need help to speak up about things that concern or worry us.

SEAP provides independent advocacy services to help resolve issues or concerns you may have about your health and well-being or your health and social care services.

If you have been let down by your local health or social care services it can be hard to know where to turn. You may not feel confident about getting back in touch with your local authority, hospital or other service provider, or know who you need to contact. Perhaps you don’t quite know what you want to say? Or the right questions to ask?

Our free, independent, and confidential advocacy services can help you resolve your issues or concerns and help you have a say in the way you, or someone you love, are cared for.

Our aim is to ensure that:

You are in control of decisions which are made about you.

Your experiences, views, wishes and feelings are heard.

You can contribute to improving the health and care services you use.


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Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

Online: click here