Support After Murder and Manslaughter Abroad

SAMM Abroad (Support After Murder & Manslaughter Abroad) Charity No: 1111724

SAMM Abroad exists especially for people in the UK whose loved ones are the victims of murder or manslaughter abroad. We are volunteers, a self-help peer support group for families, partners and friends, of the victims of these crimes. We are also an action group working for improvements in the support UK agencies offer families after their loved one is murdered abroad.

SAMM Abroad (Support After Murder & Manslaughter Abroad) General Information

SAMM Abroad exists specially for people in the UK whose loved ones are the victims of murder or manslaughter abroad. We also support a few families bereaved by road deaths abroad (particularly hit and run classed as culpable homicide) and suspicious deaths where murder has not been ruled out and the family believes it was a homicide. Our remit does not cover ALL deaths abroad. We do not get involved with accidents such as skiing accidents, drownings, deaths following medical operations overseas etc. We do realise that being bereaved by any of the above is devastating for families and they too need information about what has happened but we do not have the time nor resources to cover these events.

SAMM Abroad was set up in January 2001. As a self help group our strength lies in our members getting together at meetings - we hold meetings four times per year - thus preventing the isolation families feel following a homicide, exchanging ideas and experiences and supporting each other.

We provide information and guidance. Membership is confidential and anything said to us is kept in strict confidence unless express permission is given to pass on details to other members or in order to gain support from other organisations.

Over the last 14 years SAMM Abroad has engaged with all the relevant statutory agencies, i.e. the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), ACPO/UK police, Ministry of Justice, Coroners and individual parliamentarians about the problems our families are facing. Following years of discussions and together with our members and our lawyers, SAMM Abroad was instrumental in the development of the Memorandum of Understanding that puts in place a basic level of best practice. The MoU was finally signed off in mid-2012 by ACPO (on behalf of the UK police), the FCO and the CoronersâÂÂÂ?ÂÂÂ? Society. SAMM Abroad also recommended the FCO set up a specialist homicide unit and it has recently been announced that an Access to Justice Unit has been set up dedicated to these cases.

Lord Charles Falconer of Thoroton QC
Commander David Johnston QPM, Metropolitan Police (retired)


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