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Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC

Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC provide specialist counselling by qualified therapists for all adults who have experienced any form of sexual violence, and their non offending family members.

Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC offer specialist counselling from our permanent offices in Barnstaple. We also recognise that for some people it is difficult to physically access counselling so we also offer telephone counselling.
We welcome all adults who have experienced sexual violence, whether current or non recent. You do not have to retell your story and this is a space where you will be believed. It is not necessary to report your assault to the police unless you want to and you will never be put under pressure to do so. As part of our service we also can see you with your partner ,as we realise that sometimes the impact of sexual abuse makes it difficult to form and sustain healthy relationships. If you are a non offending family member who needs help then there is a place here for you too to talk about the affect that a loved ones abuse has had on you.
Trauma manifests in many forms and we will do our best to help you to recover.
Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you feel that we can be of any assistance.

Men's peer group every other Wednesday evening in our Barnstaple office.
Please contact us if you wish to join the small confidential group.


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Victim Care

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