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The Children's Society

The Children's Society runs a wide range of trusted, quality services that draw on clear evidence and good practice. We defend, safeguard and protect the childhood of all children and young people. We work locally where we can make the greatest possible change. Last year alone we reached 23,000 children and young people.

Our frontline services

We are committed to fighting childhood poverty, harm and neglect. The most disadvantaged children rarely suffer on just one front. At The Children's Society, we work directly with these children, many of whom have nowhere else to turn.

More than 40 local authorities have chosen us to help deliver their services. Our network of programmes includes drop-in services for runaways, support for young carers and help for victims of child sexual exploitation. We also support children who are refugees from violence, and we give those in care a voice.

We transform the lives of many more children by pressurising government and local authorities to change policy and practice to protect them, and we challenge the negative attitudes that perpetuate harm and injustice.

Our beliefs and values

Brave: We are brave, fighting injustice at every level, fearless in our determination to be listened to. We expose and directly address ‘hard truths’ and are determined to turn words swiftly into actions.

Ambitious: We are ambitious for the lives of the children we work with. The pioneering work we do helps them and children across the country aspire to better lives.

Supportive: We support children in their personal development and to build positive relationships. Together we enable children to reach their full potential and realise their ambitions.

Trusted: We have been trusted for over 130 years to deliver care where it is most needed. We maintain that trust by being dependable and consistent in our approach and by fighting for change based on hard evidence


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  1. Many children who are looked after in care or who are in the child protection system are not consulted about matters affecting their lives. Choices are made for them, often without their consent. We provide these children with independent advocates and are developing advocacy and participation practices across all areas of work to ensure that more children have a say in important decisions that are made about their lives.

  2. For children living in families where parents are affected by drugs or alcohol misuse, life can be extremely challenging. These children are often affected by domestic violence, poverty, low self-esteem and may be forced into prostitution. With a lack of dedicated services and funding to address this area, we are leading the way in developing programmes to identify and support these children.

  3. The Children's Society helps young carers by making sure they can have breaks from their responsibilities and by giving young carers a platform to share their experiences and raise awareness about the issues they face. The Include programme works with voluntary and statutory services across the country to support young carers. Campaigning for change and promoting best practice within central and local government.

  4. Exclusion, ignorance and disrespect mean that many disabled children are allowed little control over their own lives. The Children's Society is working to ensure that all disabled children – including those who communicate without speech – have someone to listen to their needs, understand them, speak up on their behalf and ensure they are heard.

Victim Care

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