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The Dracaena Centre

We are the Dracaena Centre, a registered charity focused upon enhancing our local community by enriching the lives of our residents.

At the Dracaena Centre we're aware that strong communities are built of empowered individuals. So by providing guidance, support and understanding, all within an open and inclusive environment, we know we can help residents and their wider community to develop and prosper.

Our position between the voluntary, statutory and private sectors, coupled with strong partnerships, allows Dracaena to deliver a responsive and flexible set of services with energy, commitment and enthusiasm, while maximising resources to everyone's benefit.

We provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment, a space where diversity is celebrated and equality nurtured. By improving the quality of one person's life, the lives of those they are closely connected to can be enhanced, and the positive outcomes spread. We take pride in making a real and lasting difference to the futures of people within our community.

The help we provide comes from within our 4 key delivery strands. Those of:
Community Support, Health & Well-being, Sport & Leisure, Education & Training

If you hadn't heard of the Dracaena Centre before, weren't quite sure what went on here or just assumed our facilities weren't available to you, we really hope you explore the Centre and discover the vast range of opportunities and support on offer.

At Dracaena, everyone is afforded the same warm welcome and the chance to enrich their lives.


Find out more about the services we offer by clicking the headings below

  1. We are able to provide qualifications, training and volunteering opportunities including: First Aid; Food Hygiene; Learn to Lead, Social Enterprise Qualification; Literacy; Numeracy; Computer Technology; Sports Leader Awards; Sports Coaching Qualifications.

  2. We provide a weekly 'drop-in' session where housing officers can advise and support you into accommodation.

  3. We provide a monthly drop-in session with the Money Advice team.

  4. A restorative approach to repairing harm within a family unit identifying 'significant others' who can provide support, encouragement and a shared sense of accountability and responsibility with a particular focus on owning and naming areas of risk within the family.

  5. We deliver regular weekly support sessions where young people can access professional support, advice and guidance form our youth work team. Sessions include: Young Women's Cafe, American Diner, Street Based Youth Work, C-Card; Sexual Health and Self Image; Health, Well-being and Leisure Activities.

  6. Regular weekly sessions delivered by our community club partners including: Table Tennis; Badminton; Fit Camp; Community Gym; Football; Basketball; Zumba; Boxercise; Boxing.

  7. Regular weekly asessions including: Indoor Bowls; Yoga; Pilates; Healthy Weight Programme; Fall Prevention; Be-Me; Dementia Support Group, AA.

Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

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