The Suzy Lamplugh Trust

In 1986 Suzy Lamplugh, a 25 year old estate agent, disappeared after she went to meet an unknown client. She has been presumed murdered and was legally declared dead in 1993. To date her body has not been found. Her parents, Paul and Diana Lamplugh, believed that Suzy, like most people at that time – and even now – was simply unaware of the possible dangers that individuals can face in society. Paul and Diana founded the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to highlight the risks people face and to offer advice, action and support to minimise those risks

Our vision is a society in which people are able to reduce their risk of experiencing violence and aggression.
Our mission is to campaign, educate and support people to help reduce the risk of violence and aggression for everyone

Since it was established in 1986, Suzy Lamplugh Trust has grown considerably and its work has broadened to cover a much wider area than the original concept. Suzy Lamplugh Trust employs a growing team of dedicated, professional staff, backed by highly committed volunteers and a nation-wide network of Training Consultants. The Trust is based at The National Centre for Personal Safety in central London. Working with a wide range of partners in the public, private and voluntary sector, the Trust continues to seek out new ways to keep people safe from violence and aggression.

Our work includes:

•Helping and supporting people - through the provision of free safety tips, managing the National Stalking Helpline; selling targeted resources to help people improve their personal safety

•Education – training of organisations and individuals in personal safety through in-house training and open access courses; publishing guidance; providing workplace support and consultancy

•Campaigning – working in partnership with other charities, private and statutory organisations; raising awareness; influencing policy makers


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  1. The National Stalking Helpline provides guidance and information to anybody who is currently or has previously been affected by harassment or stalking. The Helpline can provide guidance on: •The law in relation to stalking and harassment •Reporting stalking or harassment •Effective gathering of evidence •Ensuring your personal safety and that of your friends and family •Practical steps to reduce the risk The Helpline is open 09:30 to 16:00 weekdays except Wednesdays when it is open 13:00 to

Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

Online: click here