This is Abuse

This is Abuse, is an online initiative designed to provide information, support and advice on abuse in relationships.

If you are worried about abuse, need information, or want to have your say, this website provides a range of support functions, including a forum which provides the opportunity for visitors to share experiences and feelings in a safe online environment, and links to other support sites that visitors will find useful.


Find out more about the services we offer by clicking the headings below

  1. If you've got something you'd like to talk about regarding any kind of relationship abuse, you can Have Your Say on the message board where you can talk to a trained advisor. Have a read through the discussion boards, the chances are you'll be able to talk with someone who's gone through similar experiences to your own.

  2. Abuse is not normal and never ok. If you are in a relationship with someone, you should feel loved, safe, respected and free to be yourself. There are different forms of abuse, but if your relationship leaves you feeling scared, intimidated or controlled, it’s possible you’re in an abusive relationship. This site will help you to find out more about the issue, have your say and seek help.

Victim Care

The Victim Care Unit refers victims with their consent only to the Organisations that display this badge

I do not want to report the crime to the police but I still want support

Call: 0300 3030 554

Online: click here