Veterans Peer Support

Supporting serving and former armed forces personnel and their families, suffering with and from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated mental health issues.

Veterans Peer Support runs free coffee drop ins all over Devon where veterans and their families enjoy each others' company and banter of the military kind. They realise that ' speaking the same language' and ' sharing similar experiences' helps them to move on in their lives.
VPS also offers free counselling and mentoring at their offices in Exeter, and in the community.
VPS organises days out for veterans and their families which are mostly free of charge.
VPS supports veterans with mental health issues going through the criminal justice system and in prison. VPS also works closely with the probation service both for client users and in a supervisory capacity.
VPS can arrange field work courses to help veterans back into paid employment.
VPS has links to other mental health organisations, such as Combat Stress and The Warrior Programme.
VPS has an active volunteer training programme and is always looking for new volunteers and fund raising ideas.
All VPS funding comes from donations.


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  1. By talking to a veteran or a veteran's family member it is recognised that 'speaking the same language' and 'having a shared experience' is key to helping people move on in their lives. All our trained outreach workers are former military personnel or have links to the military. our coffee drop ins allow people to relax in a safe environment and enjoy each other's company.

  2. Veterans Peer Support recognises that drug and alcohol abuse sometimes goes hand in hand with mental health issues. We have a dedicated drug and alcohol outreach worker you can chat to about your concerns.

  3. Veterans Peer Support has links to many training schemes, most of which attract funding. These are mostly 'outdoor' based, and always fully supported by our trained outreach workers.

  4. Veterans Peer Support has an active families section, where family links, broken by mental illness can be re-established. We organise family days out and offer the same peer to peer support for family members. we have links to dedicated child trauma teams.

Victim Care

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