Devon Family Resource

We offer practical support and advice on a range of issues including:
* Parenting: building good relationships, boundary setting and behaviour management. We help with effects of domestic abuse on children and parenting skills and confidence.
* Housing, debt/low-pay/benefits
* Education, training and life-skills such as budgeting and employability
* Physical and emotional wellbeing, including anger-management, substance abuse and healthy relationships

Family Resource works with whole families, as well as parents, children and young people individually.

We support families and young people with a range of issues including parenting, behaviour management, positive relationships, anger-management, budgeting, unemployment, education, and the effects of domestic abuse on children and parents.

One of team of Family Support Workers will be the dedicated key-worker. They will meet you at home or at another convenient place and time. Together they will work out a plan of support.

Our team includes teachers, counsellors, early years and youth workers. All are experienced at key working and multi-agency working so can act as Lead Professional to coordinate other more specialist interventions as required.

1:1 work with young people follows the same structure. Together the young person and support workers will look at what is going well and what needs to change. Typical issues include: increasing self-esteem, anger-management and emotional self-regulation; keeping safe and reducing risky behaviour as well as practical skills such as budgeting.

Much of our work is with families whose children's behaviour is causing distress to themselves and others. We work directly with the child/young person and with the parents. We help to mend strained relationships and will liaise with other agencies such as schools, health services and police.

We also run parenting courses aimed at different age groups:
Strengthening Families is an 8 week course for 10-14 year olds and their parents. The two groups meet separately for an hour and come together for an hour. It addresses boundary setting; effective communication; how to reduce family conflict; skills to deal with peer pressure and teenage stress; how to have fun together again.

Incredible Years is a 14 week course for parents of children between 4-12 years. It helps parents to develop a good relationship with the child(ren); to promote positive parenting strategies; to set effective and consistent boundaries; to manage household rules and routines; for children and parents to develop effective problem-solving techniques and anger-management strategies.

Flying Start for families is a 6 week course which may be tailored to meet the needs of the group, but which typically includes sessions on sleep and routines; positive behaviour management; promoting communication, language and literacy skills; addressing issues around food and eating.


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  1. If your child or teenager's behaviour has reached the point of aggression and violence, we can help. Friendly, confidential support will help when parenting is a particular challenge. We offer practical advice as well as emotional support and are experienced at working with children with special needs and/or behavioural problems.

  2. When somebody's actions are affecting the wellbeing of your family, we are there to help. Aggression of any kind can damage family dynamics and our team is there to help you and your family recover and support you through the consequences of the crime. We are expert at dealing with challenging parenting situations and with identifying the needs of children and young people.

  3. We can help with the impact of CSE on the young person and their family. We are experts at supporting families to mend their relationships and helping to navigate through the recovery process. 1:1 work can help raise self-esteem as well as offering practical support and advice.

  4. We can help survivors of domestic abuse whether you have experienced it as an adult or a child. We know that such experiences have an impact on your ability and confidence to parent effectively. We give practical advice as well as emotional support. We are experts at dealing with challenging parenting situations.

  5. We work with anybody who needs support in an inclusive and non-judgemental way. We can support children, young people and whole families with the effects of prejudice. Our support addresses practical issues as well as helping with self-esteem and identity issues

  6. When a family has undergone a traumatic event, each individual as well as the family group needs support to recover. We offer personalised support with practical and emotional issues as well as with parenting problems.

  7. We will support you to recover from the impact of harassment/stalking where it is affecting your family life. We are expert at supporting you to cope with parenting challenges and are experienced at working 1:1 with children and young people.