Devon Link Up

Devon Link Up is a service user led charity for people with learning disabilities living in Devon. We support people to have a voice and choice about things that are important in their lives.

Devon Link Up supports people with learning disabilities to express their views, wishes, needs, wants and aspirations. We do this through Speaking Up groups, issue based advocacy as well as social activities, training and quality checking, Good communication is an essential part of the work that we do and we work hard to make sure that information is accessible and can be easily read. We also train other organisations about creating information in accessible formats.
Devon Link Up understands the need to maintain and promote positive relationships and encourages people to participate in their local communities. We support people to get involved in volunteer placements and aim to work towards paid work.
The Safe Places Scheme helps people with learning disabilities feel safe when they are out and about. It is a very simple scheme which shops, pubs and clubs are asked to sign up to and they display a sticker in their window to show they are a registered Safe Place. People with learning disabilities carry a Safe Place card in their purse or wallet and if they need help they can go into a Safe Place and someone will help them. We have been working with Devon and Cornwall Police to promote the scheme and have also created a dvd to help with training.


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  1. Devon Link Up will help people report Hate and Mate crime to the Police where they have been victimised because they have a learning disability.