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Equus Solutions

Equus Solutions exists to support the Mental Health and Well Being of Adults, Children and Families through unique interactive programs of Equine Assisted Therapies, Growth and Learning.

A video from our friends in America explaining EAP and EAL

We support Emotional and Mental Well Being and are focused on the journey that individuals will take in order to cope and recover after becoming a victim. Our aim is to provide support, while you learn to deal with the challenges you are facing after becoming a victim of crime.

We are a Community Interest Company delivering programs of Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) and Equine Assisted Growth & Learning (EAL) where interactive experiences with horses are used to foster emotional, social and psychological growth.

We believe that taking part in experiential activities with horses in a relaxed and supportive environment a person can come to know themselves better and learn to cope and recover after being affected by crime or other life events resulting in personal trauma or grief.

Taking part in interactive activities with the horses helps individuals build the tools to cope and develop, whilst recovering from difficult experiences.

Ground based, with no ridden element, EAL uses experiential activities with the horses for emotional growth and learning; this simply means you will have an experience with the horses and learn more about yourself and others from that experience by processing your thoughts, belief systems, attitudes, patterns and emotions with the support team. Our programmes provide you with a physically and emotionally safe space to explore new ways of coping with your experience; a place to experiment with new approaches to solving problems by trying out what works and what doesn't.

Our programmes are EAGALA approved, which means sessions are facilitated by a qualified therapist together with a horse professional and the horses; collectively referred to as the Treatment Team.

Because of its intensity and effectiveness, it is considered a short-term or "brief" intervention; usual program length is 6 -12 sessions.

Clinical research studies indicate that EAT and EAL have positive outcomes with Depression, Anxiety, Grief/Loss/Trauma, Relationship and Family Issues and Anger Management.


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  1. Being targeted by crime because of who you are can affect individuals in many different ways. Our programme will explore new ways of helping you COPE with what has happened to you and help restore confidence and trust.

  2. Earning the horse's respect and cooperation can dramatically increase your sense of personal power and confidence. Gaining personal control with a large horse can boost the sense of your own ability to handle events in your life leading to growing resilience.

  3. Experiencing harassment or stalking can be confusing and hard to understand and leaves us questioning our own thoughts and perceptions. Observing horses, engaging in activities with them will enable you to learn to trust yourself, your understanding and own experiences and find ways to express your feelings with greater clarity.

  4. Coming to terms with loss through homicide is complex. You will be experiencing either numbness or a cauldron of emotions. Working with the horses and treatment team will provide a safe space for you to process the emotions you are facing as a result of this crime.

  5. Being affected by robbery can have a huge impact on your life, you may feel confused, vulnerable and angry. We provide a safe environment where you can explore the emotions you are experiencing.

  6. Experiencing sexual violence can leave you feeling powerless and unable to gain control in your life. Whether you have experienced sexual violence recently or in the past, working with the horses can dramatically help you regain your sense of personal power and confidence.

  7. Being a victim of vehicle crime can leave you feeling unsafe and angered. Working with our treatment team you can start to unravel your emotions and digest your experience. We will set structured programmes for you specifically designed to help you cope and recover from this type of crime.

  8. Road traffic crime can consist of differing levels of severity. Whatever your experiences and however they have affected you, we can help you process your emotions and help you find the best way to cope and recover.

  9. Equus Solutions delivers therapy programs for victims and families effected by domestic violence in conjunction with other support networks and Organisations.

  10. Equus Solutions delivers programs of Equine Assisted Therapy for a wide variety of client groups, including those effected by Depression - Anxiety - Relationship and Family issues - PTSD/Trauma issues - Addictions. EAT has been classified as a "Brief" intervention with a typical programmes running from 6 to 12 sessions.

  11. Equus Solutions runs programs of theraputic equine activities and riding lessons for those with ASC and other Physical and Learning Difficulties. These activities can help improve: social interaction, communication, motor skills (co-ordination), physical fitness, balance, flexibility & sensitivity to external stimulus. Ground work activities like grooming enables clients to develop new skills and confidence, increased awareness of themselves and others.

  12. Equus Solutions runs EAL programmes for YP addressing key skills such as problem solving styles, communication, teambuilding and trust, respecting boundaries, relationships and family roles, judgment and pressure, leadership and empowerment. Our EAT programmes support those experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. We also have Work Experience opportunities on our Therapeutic Riding programmes, or in equine care and management and Land Based Skills

  13. Equus Solutions delivers programs of equine assisted therapy to help victims process their grief, cope and recover from the trauma of bereavement.

  14. We have five years experience of delivering programmes of therapy, growth and learning supporting those early in their Recovery.

  15. EAT can help family and/or relationship problems by encouraging new ways to communicate, express your feelings and establishing boundaries. Working with horses challenges established patterns of behaviour and flags up those which are not working. You will be helped to find new ways to express yourself and work together.

  16. Equus Solutions can provide work experience and Volunteering opportunities with our Therapeutic riding programmes, Equine care & Management and Land Based Skills. Allowing participants to develop skills and routines to facilitate a beginning or return to employment. We can also deliver individual or group sessions of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning specifically structured to develop self confidence, communication skills, appreciation of boundaries,team working and leadership skills.

  17. Equus Solutions supports improved physical and Mental Well Being by offering individual and group sessions of Equine Assisted Therapy. We believe by building relationships with horses people can get to know themselves better. During sessions you will learn to understand and identify your feelings, better communicate and find different coping strategies. This in turn leads to improved self confidence and self-esteem.

  18. Equus Solutions deliver programmes of individual and group sessions of Equine Assisted Therapy in conjunction with other support agencies to help victims to cope and recover from the trauma of this type of crime. EAT supports participants return to self confidence, trust and empowerment through interactive experiences with horses.

  19. Equine Assisted Therapy has long been used in the US to help those suffering from PTSD and other individual/family problems common to those serving and retiring members of HM Forces. We have structured programmes specifically aimed at dealing with these issues. Programmes can be delivered on as more traditional weekly basis or within a more concentrated Residential setting with a daily session of EAP mixed with leisure activities over a fixed period of time.