Exeter Community Initiatives

Exeter Community Initiatives is a dynamic charity in Exeter and Devon, which helps people get their lives back on track. We involve them in community projects to improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, increase their sense of belonging and offer skills to help them succeed in life. Through our work we challenge inequality, homelessness and poverty.

Exeter Community Initiatives currently delivers the following projects:

Children's Centres - supporting children under 5 to thrive and develop. We provide 1:1 intensive family support, group activities and community outreach.

Family Resource - supporting children over 5 and their families to provide the best home they can. Parenting courses, intensive 1:1 family support, youth support and classroom management courses.

Transitions - supporting adults who are in supported accommodation or vulnerably housed with volunteer mentors. We help with the practical side of life, helping adults regain a sense of belonging and building life skills.

Bike Bank - supporting vulnerable adults and young people improve their wellbeing and skills through a supportive and caring workshop environment. We help adults and young people who are severely disadvantaged by teaching bike maintenance skills in an environment that recognises the positive attributes in everyone.

Jelly - supporting people who are out of work to gain skills and workplace experience to continue their journey back to employment. We help people who are unemploed through our children's charity shop gain skills and experience through 'on the job' training.


Find out more about the services we offer by clicking the headings below

  1. Help with managing family life after you have left the abusive relationship.

  2. We are skilled in helping with exercise, eating and enjoying life. We have a skilled team of family support workers able to help out.

  3. Our family support workers and volunteer mentors are skilled in listening to your issues and working with you to address them.

  4. We have skilled workers and volunteer mentors able to help out with practical and emotional issues.

  5. We can offer one to one family support and volunteer mentor support to try and address your finance and debt issues.

  6. We can offer one to one family support and volunteer mentor support. Family Support Workers are skilled in working with families. They will assess the family’s strengths and needs and together with agree an action plan. Our volunteer mentors are also well trained and able to provide non-judgemental support to help out with the practicalities of life.

  7. We can offer training in our shop, Jelly or in our Bike Bank project repairing bikes.

  8. We can offer one to one family support and volunteer mentor support to try and address your housing issues.