Hollywell Housing Trust

Hollywell provides tenancy related support, housing advice and intensive housing management to vulnerable people in a supported living setting across Devon and Cornwall.

Hollywell Housing Trust was set up to give vulnerable people the support they need to live independently within the community. We believe in choice, empowerment and independence for all, and offer a truly person centred and bespoke approach to supported living.

We work with a variety of vulnerable people, including those with a learning disability, mental health issue, ABI and autism across Devon and Cornwall, working in conjunction with personal care and support providers and the local authority to ensure a sustainable tenancy where individuals can thrive within their community.Hollywell also provides advice in all aspects of housing, with extensive experience in private sector, social housing and housing for vulnerable people.

By finding a property on the private rental market that suits the needs of the individual, we are able to lease a home for them and give them the housing and tenancy support they need to live independently. We believe that a secure home is the cornerstone to fulfilling potential, and we work hard to ensure that every person we support is enabled to live their lives to the full.

We are always happy to meet with individuals, their families, support providers and other organisations to discuss individual needs and help to develop a holistic service in conjunction with others, to ensure everyone gets the right home and the support they need.


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